Sant Cugat del Vallés | Barcelona, Spain

Autema Highway

The Montserrat Highway, direct transit to the north


A direct access roadway towards France

The highway connects San Cugat del Vallés with Manresa,via Terrassa and Sant Vicenç de Castellet. It interconnects various high-capacity sectors such as the AP-7 motorway, the trans-Catalonia highway C-25, the C-58 and the C-55 roadways. In the near future it will link up with the B-40, Barcelona's fourth ring-road.

This Autema highway is also integrated into the Llobregat C-16 sector which connects Barcelona with France, forming part of the European Itinerary known as the E-9.


The best mobility solution

The highway incorporates equipment which constantly reviews the state of the pavement, balises and signaling, and a network of SOS posts with 24-hour service to provide rapid response to possible accidents or mechanical problems.

Full range of services

The highway has signed an agreement with the Royal Automoblie Club of Catalonia which places a fleet of vehicles at the disposition of users in the event of breakdown. This service provideds rapid response to emergency situations.

Supporting the Fundación Abadía de Montserrat

Since 2006, Autema has been collaborating with the Fundación Abadía de Montserrat. The donation is devoted to extending and digitalising the library of the Monastery, restoring various buildings and improving accessibility and mobility in the grounds of the Sanctuary.

Moreover, the highway has entered into an agreement with the local organisation Ampans which takes in, trains and provides jobs for persons with disabilities. This personnel takes care of gardening and other cleaning tasks.

  • Location map of the highway
    ConcessionaireAutopista Terrassa-Manresa Autema S.A.
    Equity structure76,3% Inversora de Autopistas de Cataluña
    23,7% Acesa
    Opening date20th June 1989
    Concession start date1986
    Concession end date2036
    Duration50 years
    PurposeConstruction, conservation and operation
    Managed investment € 233,1 B
    Jobs created80 positions
    Length of the highway48,3 km
    Number of lanes2 lanes each way
    Toll systemOpen
    Payment methods acceptedOBE, cards and cash

    In 1999 Autema reached an agreement with the Generalitat of Catalonia under which a discount is applied to tolls on working days. These discounts are compensated by the Public Authorities.

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