Toronto, Ontario, Canada

407 EDG Toll Road

The 407 East Phase I is the largest toll road concession project in the province of Ontario since the privatization of the 407 ETR


An alternative to congestion

The 407 and its different extensions constitute a high-capacity alternative to the most congested toll road in North America: the 401, or northern ring road of Toronto.

The first phase of the 407 East Extension is comprised of an extension of approximately 22 kilometers (14 miles) toward the east from Brock Road in Pickering to Harmony Road in Oshawa, in the province of Ontario. It also includes the connection with the 401 toll road through a new 10 kilometers (6.2 mile) link that will be located east of Lake Ridge road.


Green road

This toll road runs through the habitat of five protected species. In order to preserve the environment, the design and construction will be carried out using the latest environmental conservation techniques.

Availability payment

The 407 East Phase I is Cintras first availability payment project with no toll collection or traffic risk in North America. 407 EDG will be responsible for maintenance, rehabilitation and incident response, whereas 407 ETR will be in charge of the toll collection systems. The province of Ontario will establish the tolls and keep the revenues in an explicit toll system.

Engine of development

This toll road plays a key part in the economic development of the eastern end of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). The project will spur the creation of more than 13,000 new jobs, thereby contributing to the creation of employment in Canada and stimulating its economic growth.

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    Concession company407 East Development Group
    LocationToronto, Ontario, Canada
    ClientInfrastructure Ontario and the Ministry of Transportation
    Ownership structure50% Cintra Infraestructuras SA 50% SNC-Lavalin
    Opening to trafficDecember 2015
    End of Concession Term2045
    Concession period30 years from the date it is opened to traffic
    Concession term30 years
    Object of the concessionFinance, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation
    Managed investment€ 710,6 B
    Jobs created13,000 jobs
    Toll road length35 km (21.75 miles)
    Number of lanes2/3 in each direction
    Toll systemAvailability payment
    Historical background

    The 407 East Extension toll road project was initiated in January 2009 when the Government of Ontario announced that the 407 ETR would have an extension. This extension would be a toll road in which the Province would maintain control and ownership. Furthermore, the Province of Ontario would set the prices and collect the revenues.

    In July 2010, it was announced that the project would be completed in two different phases and a concession tender process would be organized to select the team responsible for designing, building, financing and maintaining Phase I of the Highway 407 East Extension. Simultaneously, negotiations were held with 407 ETR for the provision of the toll services for Phase I of this new toll road.

    In April 2011 it was announced that three teams had been pre-selected for the concession tender. Later, it was confirmed that 407 ETR would provide its toll system. This would allow users to make use of the same transponder for driving on both toll roads.

    In March 2012, 407 East Development Group, i.e., the consortium formed by Cintra and SNC Lavalin, was selected as the preferred bidder. Two months after, in May 2012, the financial and commercial closing of the project took place.