(A-7) Almanzora | Almería, Spain

Almanzora Toll Road


Andalusia and Eastern Spain

The Almanzora Toll Road or A-334 aims to convert the region of Almanzora into a strategic point between Eastern Spain, the north of Granada and Almería. This zone will be connected with the corridor that joins the A-92 with Western Andalusia. This will considerably reduce the distance and the time needed to travel through this geographical area.

The project

This project is a public-private partnership for the construction, conservation, maintenance and operation of the Almanzora Toll Road section between Purchena and the A-7 (known as the Mediterranean Highway) which runs through Huércal-Overa (Almería). The sum invested is 145 million euros.


Comfort and safety

This toll road project has two separate road surfaces separated by a median strip of six metres, with optimum visibility conditions.



The concession term of this project is 26 years. A construction term of 32 and a half months is planned. The project will also generate a positive impact in the form of more than 2,000 jobs in the region.

  • TypeDescription
    ConcessionaireAutovía del Almanzora S.A.
    LocalicationPurchena - Autovía del Mediterráneo (A-7), Almería
    ClientAgencia de Obra Pública de la Junta de Andalucía. Consejería de Obras Públicas y Vivienda
    Shareholding structure23,75% Cintra Infraestructuras S.A.
    Date open to traffic1 January 2016
    Start of concession15 march 2012
    End of concession2041
    Concession term29 years
    Purpose of the concessionConstrucción, conservación, mantenimiento y explotación
    Inverstment amount€145,8 M
    Number of jobs generated1,500 jobs
    Toll road length41.5 km
    Number of lanes2 lanes in each direction
    Toll system Availability payment