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Central Greece Highway

Connecting the plains and the north of Central Greece with Athens in half the time


Runs from the north to the south-east of the country

The Central Greece highway runs from the north to the south-east through Central Greece, connecting the Egnatia Odos and Pathe highways at Lamia.

It is made up of two sections: the first, called Central Greece, will be 174 km long and constructed entirely by the Consortium. The second sector of 57 km is adjacent to the aforesaid and will be constructed by the Greek Government and subsequently transferred to the concessionary. The first 27 km are already in operation.


231 km of highway in Greece

This highway is 231 km long. It will be the driving force behind the economy of the central and northern regions of Greece, connecting them to the capital in half the time.

Contributing know-how from the very start

After we entered the Greek concessionary market as manager of the Nea Odos highway, Cintra was again selected for the construction and operation of a second project: the Central Greece toll highway currently under construction.

An ambitious highway plan

The Central Greece highway forms part of the Highway Plan promoted by the Ministries of National Economy and the Environment and Planning and Public Works.

The Plan foresees 5 toll highway concessions with a total investment of 8,000 million euros, amongst which Nea Odos (managed by Cintra) is also included.

  • Location map of the highway
    ConcessionaireAftokinitódromos Kentrikis Ellados S.A.
    LocationCentral Greece
    CustomerMinistry of Public Works of Greece
    Equity structure33,3% Cintra Infraestructuras S.A.
    33,3% Grupo ACS
    33,3% Gek-Terna
    Opening dateNovember 2010
    Concession start dateMarch 2008
    Concession end date2038
    Duration30 years
    PurposeDesign, construction, conservation and operation.
    Managed investment€ 1.271 M
    Jobs created250 positions
    Length of the highway231 Km
    Number of lanes2 lanes each way
    Toll systemOpen
    Payment methods acceptedCash and TAG

    The construction period is estimated at 66 months. The transaction began in late 2009, once the constructed sections of said highway were handed over by the Greek public authorities.