I-77 | Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

I-77 Express Lanes

An alternative, congestion-free route for trips between Charlotte and the residential area of Lake Norman


An alternative to congestion

The I-77 express lanes will connect the metropolitan area in the northern part of Charlotte with the residential area of Lake Norman, over a distance of 26 miles (41.8 kilometres).

The new road runs between the junctions with the I-277 in Charlotte and the NC-150 in Iredell County.

The new lanes will be built taking advantage of the toll road median strip and a high occupancy lane which is currently operating in the southern part of the project. This will maintain the number of lanes currently on the road.


Variable toll

The express lanes operate based on a variable toll system which facilitates demand management. A minimum speed of 45 miles per hour (approximately 72 km/H) is ensured.

Freedom for users

The express lanes have 9 access points from the main roads. This facilitates the choice for users, depending on the characteristics of their route.

Managed Lanes for the I-77

The three segments of the I-77 will have additional lanes equipped with one of the most advanced electronic toll systems in the world: managed lanes. A safe, reliable, dynamic pricing system which makes it unnecessary for drivers to stop.

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    ConcessionaireI-77 Mobility Partners LLC
    LocationCharlotte, NC
    Shareholding structure

    50.1% Cintra Infraestructuras S.A

    29.9% Other investor

    10% Jonh Laing

    10% Aberdeen

    Date open to trafficUnder construction
    Star of concession2014
    End of concession2068
    Concession term54 years of operation
    Purpose of concessionConstruction, conservation and operation
    Investment amount541.3 M €
    Number of jobs generated8,000-10,000 direct and indirect jobs
    Toll road length25 miles
    Number of lanes1 or 2 lanes in each direction
    Toll systemOpen