Pathe-Ionia Odos | Greece

Nea Odos Highway

Two indispensable highways for the development of Greece


Connecting regions

The Nea Odos highway is composed of two independent sections.

The first, Pathe (Athens-Skarfia), of 184 km of recently refurbished highway is the northern outlet from the capital. It forms part of the country's main artery connecting Athens and Thessalonica, the two largest cities.

The second section, the 196 km Ionia Odos, is newly built. It runs along the coast of the Ionic Sea from Patras to Ioaninna, in the north.


A sustainable funding plan

The Pathe section was open to traffic even during building. This circumstance provided sufficient revenues to decrease the funding needs of the highway.

A project for the future

The highway promoters put a communication campaign under the slogan 'A Project for the Future' in place to bring the Nea Odos project to the knowledge of the Greek public.

To adapt this campaign to the Greek community, they created communication elements with predominance of the colour blue, identified with the sea and an essential element in the life of the Greek people.

  • Location map of the highway
    ConcessionaireNea Odos S.A.
    LocationAtenas-Lamia and Antirio-Ioannina
    CustomerMinistry of Public Works of Greece
    Equity structure21,4% Cintra Infraestructuras S.A.
    21,4% Grupo ACS
    57,2% Gek-Terna
    Opening dateJanuary 2008
    Concession start dateDecember 2007
    Concession period2037
    Duration30 years
    PurposeDesign, construction, conservation and operation.
    Managed investment€ 1,687 M
    Jobs created500 positions
    Length of the highway378,7 Km
    Number of Lanes2-3 lanes each way
    Toll systemOpen
    Payment methods acceptedCash and TAG

    The Pathe section is a refurbished older highway with a significant concentration of traffic, especially in the stretch closest to Athens.

    The second sector, the Ionia Odos, is newly built and implies a fundamental change in the north-south connection of the west coast.