M3: Clonee-North of Kells | Ireland

M3 Highway

Providing the strategic link between Dublin and the Northeast of the country


The biggest project ever carried out in Ireland

The M3 provides a strategic link between Dublin and the Northeast of Ireland. It runs from Clonee to the North of Kells, northeast of Dublin.

With a length of 50 km and an investment exceeding 548 million Euros, the M3 highway is the biggest engineering project ever carried out in the Republic of Ireland.


Saving driving time

The M3 entails an average saving of 17 minutes in driving time along the route. A reduction of more than 30% in the accident rate in comparison to the old N3 road is expected.

Enormous cultural and tourism-related

This highway has released a large proportion of the surrounding urban centers from heavy goods transit. This is a vital boost to conservation of the area's outstanding cultural heritage.

Responsible building and concern for the surroundings

Building the M3 has entailed more than 3.5 million m3 of excavations, a 6.3 million m3 embankment and transport of another 2.5 million m3 of earth to landfills.

The route includes 35 overpasses, 22 underpasses and three viaducts over rivers.

  • Location map of the highway
    ConcessionaireEurolink Motorway Operations Ltd.
    LocationRepublic of Ireland
    CustomerNational Roads Authority
    Equity structure95% Cintra Infraestructuras S.A.
    5% SIAC
    Opening dateJune 4th, 2010
    Concession start date2007
    Concession end date2052
    Duration45 years
    PurposeDesign construction, conservation and operation
    Managed investment€ 548.9 M
    Jobs created77 positions
    Length of the highway50 km
    Number of lanes2 lanes each way
    Toll systemClosed, 2 trunk toll booths.
    Payment methods acceptedCash, TAG and cards (except AMEX and Laser)

    Before the arrival of Cintra and construction of the M3, the N3 highway was continuously congested and had an extremely high accident rate.

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