M4-M6: Kilcock-Kinnegad | Ireland

M4-M6 Highway

The connection between the East and the West of Ireland


Cintra's first project in Ireland

The M4-M6 Kilcock-Kinnegad highway forms part of the east-west corridor , one of the busiest and most economically important roadways in Ireland. The M4-M6 connects the cities of Dublin and Galway.

The M4-M6 highway, which covers the 36 km between Kilcock and Kinnegad near Dublin, absorbs a high volume of the daily traffic between the capital and the surrounding areas.


Significant safety features

The highway consists in lanes 3.75 meters wide, medians of 9 m and generous shoulders up to 3 m in width.

A very active economy lacking a highway network

Modernization of the roadway network has been a vital catalyst in the economic development of the country.

The M4-M6 undoubtedly represents one of the most important milestones in this process since it significantly reduces transport costs between Dublin and Galway, Ireland's most important tourist resort.

Providing a boost for Ireland's economy

Amongst the numerous corporative social responsibility-related objectives fulfilled, the creation of 60 permanent jobs in the region stands out.

In addition, construction of the M4-M6 has brought a breath of fresh air both to the environment and to safety, reducing fuel consumption significantly.

  • Location map of the highway
    ConcessionaireEurolink Motorway Operations Ltd.
    LocationRepublic of Ireland
    CustomerNational Roads Authority
    Equity structure66% Cintra Infraestructuras S.A.
    34% SIAC
    Opening dateDecember 12th 2005
    Concession start date2003
    Concession end date2033
    Duration of the concession30 years
    Purpose of the concessionDesign construction, conservation and operation.
    Managed investment

    € 341.4 B

    Jobs created61 positions
    Length of the highway36 km
    Number of lanes2 lanes each way
    Toll systemClosed, 1 trunk toll booth, 2 lateral booths
    Payment methods acceptedCash, TAG and cards (except AMEX and Laser)

    Before construction of this highway the route from Dublin to Galway was a by a two-way road with numerous intersections and traffic lights. The new highway has two lanes each way, and there are no stops along the way.

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