SerranoPark| Madrid, Spain


The car park that everyone wants


The latest technology and design applied to security

The three SerranoPark car parks are located in an area that includes Plaza de la Independencia and calle Hnos. Bécquer. They have parking spaces for residents (through the assigning of usage rights) and pay parking spaces for the public, in total 3.297.
The car parks are designed without pillars, thereby making it extremely easy to park the vehicles. The facilities also have the latest advances in security and comfort for all users.

Improved accesses= time savings

The three car parks can be accessed from the streets of Hnos. Bécquer, Juan Bravo, Ortega y Gasset, Marqués de Villamagna, Hermosilla, Jorge Juan and from Plaza de la Independencia.


The safest, most comfortable car park in Madrid

SerranoPark has cutting-edge technology and design applied to security for both vehicles and occupants:

- Registration plate recognition.
- In situ surveillance and video surveillance used at all times.
- Guiding system.
- Centralized facility control.
- Energy-efficiency system.
- Sprinklers system in the event of fire.
- Payment by card with online verification and ViaT payment system.
- At least one elevator every 50 meters.
- 3G mobile reception on all floors.
- Recharge points for electric vehicles.
- Special spaces for disabled persons.
- Free umbrella loan service.

Future builder


SerranoPark has signed a co-operation agreement with the NGO Aldeas Infantiles (Childrens Villages). Thanks to this commitment, it will be possible to improve care for children and adolescents and promote their development and independence, through fostering, prevention and strengthening of their family and social networks. For this reason, Aldeas Infantiles has awarded SerranoPark the distinction of Future Builder Company.

  • Location map of the park
    Concession companySERRANOPARK S.A.
    CustomerMadrid City Hall
    Equity structure50% Cintra Infraestructuras S.A. 50% Iridium Concesiones
    Opening date2010
    Concession start date2008
    Concession end date2048
    Duration40 years
    PurposeRemodeling of calle Serrano, building and operation of three car parks
    Managed investment € 76,2 B
    Jobs created23 positions
    Pay parking spaces947 spaces
    Resident parking spaces2,350 spaces
    Energy Efficiency

    SerranoPark has a pioneer energy-efficiency tool which controls the electricity consumed by the car park at all times, to detect potential problems that could lead to an increase in the supply cost. This way, we can offer all our customers lighting levels never before seen in car parks, guaranteeing maximum security for all our users, without the electricity consumption being penalized and with the environmental savings this brings. Furthermore, this new tool allows us to monitor CO2 emissions in real time.

    SerranoPark believes this technology must show the highest respect for the environment. For that reason we use 100% electric vehicles for performing operating tasks in the car parks.

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