Bratislava | Slovakia


A ring road to the east of the city which will connect the existing radial roads.

Project Details

The consortium containing Cintra, Macquarie Capital and PORR AG will lead the design, full construction, funding, operation and maintenance of the Bratislava D4-R7 ring road (Slovakia), for the sum of €1.1 billion.

The project includes the construction of a new 27 km highway (D4), with 2 lanes in each direction, between Jarovce and Raca; it creates a ring road to the east of the city and it connects the existing radial roads. It also includes a new 32 km radial highway (R7).

An improvement for the Bratislava transport network

The development of this new ring road will have a concession period of 34 years and the construction works will last 4 years. The concession will be availability payment-based, and the first sections should be open in late 2020.

Local Development

This concession is Cintra’s first investment in Central Europe. This project will improve the traffic conditions in the region and long-distance traffic between neighbouring countries, fostering economic development opportunities and increasing employment levels. .

  • TipoDescripción
    Concessionaire ZERO BYPASS LIMITED
    LocationBratislava, Slovakia
    CustomerSlovakian Ministry of Transport
    Equity structure 45% Cintra Slovakia Ltd
    45% Parachute Investments
    10% PORR AG
    Opening date End of 2018
    Concession start date 2016
    Concession end date 2050
    Duration 34 years
    PurposeDesign, construction, funding, operation and maintenance
    Managed investment €1.1 billion
    Jobs created 700
    Length of the highway 59 km
    Number of lanes 2 lanes in each direction
    Toll systemavailability payment
    Payment methods accepted availability payment