The free-flow toll operator for Portugal


A worldwide pioneer solution

ViaLivre is a worldwide pioneer in fully automatic free flow collection of tolls on long distance highways.

ViaLivre originated as a response to the need to change Cintra's highway management model from the shadow toll system to an explicit system. This new model owes its existence to the Portuguese Government's reform of the funding system for transport infrastructures in 2008.


Back-office: the intelligent toll system

ViaLivre uses a proprietary back-office system for toll management. Designed and developed by Cintra and Ferrovial, it is endowed with advanced features for managing information flows. This innovative platform ensures efficient, accurate collection and tracking of each trip at all times.


An innovative infrastructure

Payment is made through the Electronic License Plate Device (electronic toll) or through pay-by-license plate. In the second case the user pays the regular price of the toll plus a surcharge through an authorised collection agent.

The coercive process only begins in the event of failure to pay through these two systems. ViaLivre is also involved in this phase, managing delivery of the first warnings to offenders. Once the infringement involves a fine, management is handed over to the Internal Revenue Department.

The field systems enabling vehicle identification are devices incorporating state-of-the-art technology which will manage payment for the use of the roadway network at European level in the very near future.

  • ConcessionaireViaLivre S.A.
    LocationA-22 (Algarve) and A-28 (Norte Litoral)
    ClientEstradas de Portugal, S.A.
    Equity structure84,04% Cintra Infraestructuras S.A.U.
    3,192% Construcciones Gabriel A. S. Couto, S.A.
    3,192% EusebiosPar, SGPS, S.A.
    3,192% CasaisInvest-Gestão de Participações Sociais, S.A.
    3,192% Aurelio Martins Sobreiro e Filhos, S.A.
    3,192% J. Gomes Concessões Norte Unipersonal, LDA
    Opening date15 October 2010 (Norte Litoral)
    Concession start date1 July 2010 (commencement of the Service Contract)
    End of concession2031
    Concession end date2 years (renewable by mutual agreement of the parties)
    Purpose of the concessionConstruction, maintenance and operation of the free-flow toll collection system in the Norte Litoral and Algarve concessions.


    Jobs created44
    Length of the highway

    174,5 km

    (127.1 km of tolled highway in Algarve and 47.4 km in Norte Litoral)

    Number of lanes2-3 lanes per direction
    Toll systemOpen. Multi-lane free-flow, with 4 bi-directional toll collection points in Norte Litoral and 10 in Algarve
    Payment methods acceptedOBE (electronic toll) and pay-by-license plate (photo-based system)

    ViaLivre was founded in 2010 as a response to the need to change some of Cintra's highways in Portugal from the shadow toll system to an explicit free-flow system. Its creation was a pioneering experience and opened a new line of business for Cintra.

    Effective toll collection began on 15 October 2010 on the Norte Litoral highway and on 8 December 2011 on Euroscut Algarve highway.