Our success is based on a centralised and consolidated infrastructure model, nurtured by the talent of the best proffesionals

The ability to stablish sinergies with Ferrovial subsidiarie, allow us to get thoroughly involved in managing all stages of a project's life: from the tender, financing, design, construction and implementation of the infrastructure, on to operations and maintenance, until the final handback to the governing body concerned.

With 50 years of demonstrable experience, we have honed the best procedures for ensuring consistent, disciplined and rigorous management in all our projects, and in all the phases of each project.


Corporate and Business Development

Our Development Department carries out the task of locating, analysing, preparing and presenting investment and management opportunities in transport infrastructure projects.

With over 30 professionals exclusively dedicated to development, Cintra is one of the only companies in the world that devotes most resources to the identification and development of growth opportunities, and its employees are recognised and valued for this worldwide.


Commitment to the active management of our projects

We proactively manage our projects throughout their whole lifecycle. We believe in our profile as a highly technical and sophisticated industrial company, and this is our vocation: to manage complex infrastructure projects during any and all of their life stages.

Our partners recognise this in us, particularly appreciating our management capacity. Governmental Bodies entrust their most complex projects to Cintra. And, finally, our users value the safety, convenience and reliability of projects that are handled by Cintra.

In addition, Cintra enjoys an excellent reputation and solvency in the financial area, which has made it possible for us to finance the most complex infrastructure projects in the world, even in times of crisis.


Centralised, uniform management of the concession-holding firms

Cintra uses the experience and body of knowledge it has built up over its 50 years in this sector, always implementing the best management practices in all its projects.

The concession-holding companies are managed on a centralised basis, although with the flexibility necessary to adapt to the idiosyncrasies of each project, and not lose day-to-day management capability.

Cintra employs the best infrastructure management professionals, trained in many cases in very different projects and countries. Our key people make it possible to implement a centralized, disciplined management style capable of addressing the most important issues. Of course, our solutions are always adapted to the context and setting in which those solutions are enacted, and our centralized approach is flexible enough to accommodate the day-to-day management of our projects.